Poker rules for beginners

Poker Rules For Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide

Learning how to play poker can be quick, easy and fun with this William Hill guide.

Ready to master poker? We’ve got everything you need-form poker rules for beginners to the best poker strategy, a glossary of poker terms to different ways to play poker.

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The Objective of Poker

To win at poker, either create the highest – ranking hand or convince all other players to fold. The winner takes the “pot”, meaning the bets wagered by players during each round.

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Poker Rules For Beginners: Step-by-Step guide

1. Shuffle

The dealer suffles the deck well between every hand. Each player is dealt hole cards-which is two cards in Texas Hold’em, and four cards in Omaha.

2. Pre-Flop

This is the initial betting stage where players first have the option to call, raise, re-raise, or fold, based on the potential value of their starting hands.

3. Flop

The three community cards (board) are revealed in the centre of the table. Players can begin building their hands, and again choose to check, raise or fold.

4. Turn

The fourth community cards is turned face-up. The value of each player’s hand starts to become much clearer. Players again check, raise or fold.

5. River

The fifth and final card is placed face-up, and players are now aware of the full value of their hand. It’s the last chance for players to check, raise or fold.

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6. Showdown

The final stage. All remaining players reveal their hands face-up for everyone to see.

7. The best hand wins

The player with the most valuable hand wins the pot. Knowing your hand rankings is essential – see our poker hand rankings guide.