Detailed Reviews of All Slot Machines

Detailed Reviews of All Slot Machines at One Place

Slot machines – from cradle to grave

Slot machines in both online and classic form are an attraction for thousands of gamblers, who tempt their fate every day and try to win fabulous amounts of money, which are in the machine. They are called Slots for short and are becoming so popular, that some casinos even dedicate whole rooms for them Let’s look at the Foxwood company in Connecticut, where there are 7,000 machines at one place and they are planning an expansion for the future. On these connected virtual terminals you can get your hands on some really nice cash. Jackpots are rising as high as much you might not even yearn for.

The big allurement nowadays is used by both classic casinos and their branch online versions. You can play there for free or for a minimal deposit, which is usally set to only a few cents. It’s the most widespread hazard tool in casinos all over the world. Also, its maintenance is very cheap.

There is no need for croupier or any other employees and you don’t have to care about difficult strategies while playing. Just pick your favourite machine and attempt to earn on of the many attractive prizes. But where do slots come from? Who is the person behind their creation and where did the idea that slots would make a good entertainment come from?

The first machines known

Should we talk about the classic solid slot machines, let’s go back in time to the 20th century and talk about Mr. August Fey, a German immigrant. Into his head popped the idea of playing machine, a solid box with three rotating cylinders, which he first presented in San Francisco. Machine featured various symbols including the known bells. When the player got a combo of three of these, he won the main prize.

This concept has quickly spread all over the world and not very long after that, these machines became a great hit. At first, the prize wasn’t money but item prizes. The monetary prizes came as late as in 1931 and it didn’t bring any inovative element to hazard games after its legalization in 30’s in Nevada. In the year 1961 a Bally’s company appeared and remade the classic mechanic cylinders into more modern, electromagnetic way.

The first slot machines

Notable clones of classic machines came to the market fairly late after the arrival of the first machine in San Francisco. It happened at the turn between 70’s and 80’s. It was all because of the new technology based on chips, which was first used by legendary Walt Fraley. That was an outbreak of tempted players, who desired to try it out.

With modern technology, there was an opportunity to apply progressive Jackpot into digital slot machines. Up to that time, it was something even beyond imagination. This was first implemented by IGT company, which produces slot machines up to this date. Their first machine offering a progressive Jackpot was named Megabuck and it set the way hazard went along since then.

Present time

Nowadays, potentional player can be completely satisfied. Charming graphics have taken place of old monotone machines and there are much more different prizes compared to the past. Vast amount of symbols and various special games in bonus mode provide the genuine atmosphere.

Many machines today have their storyline and player feels like immersed in a fabulous adventure. Of course, there are still classic pulling machines, which are providing a pleasant nostalgic feeling, but not everyone has the chance to visist such a place. Convenience and quick pace are the main criteria of actual players and there’s so much to choose from on the internet.