Boom Brothers Slot Machine

Boom Brothers Slot Machine, Let’s Go!

Let’s go and help our knockers find the treasure! Cave complex offers fancy adventures. Local miners are waiting only for you and are ready to start their job. Use this opportunity to descend into unexplored abyss. Boom Brothers slot machine Boom Brothers slot machine

Even from the introducing animation you can tell, that this one includes a big dose of adventure and joy. Mining expedition will take you to the world of knockers, who will try to help you find a great treasure. Sneaky music and other sound effects from the underground realm will deepen the atmosphere and you will realise that you are on the right way to the yearned treasure. Beautiful graphics give this slot machine a special charm and tempt you to try them.

Devote yourself to this challenge and make attempt to take a venturous trail to the unexplored parts. Will you be able to find the hidden fortune? Just for €0.01 you can try the hard life of local knockers. On five-cylindrical machine with three lines you will be able to apply 20 rows. The game contains Free Spins symbols, interesting bonus game and Railtrack additional function. Also, an unique chance to win can occur anytime. In this slot machine you can never predict what will hapen and that’s what makes Boom Brothers very popular game for players all over the world.

Become one of them, if you dare to. Wild symbols can take place of any other symbol except for the know Free Spin mark and bonus games symbols. If a group win occurs after one of your spins, the individual combinations add up. Wins are only added from left to right.

Free Spins

and more Free Spins symbols will start the known function of spinning for free with the amount you bet last round. Every Free Spins symbol conceals one of the numbers, which will show themselves. The sum of these three numbers determines the number of free spins. In Free Spins mode are all wins threefold, except for Bonus symbols and Railtrack function. If you get another Free Spins symbols, you will recieve another free spin for each.

Railtrack function

When you get 3 Railtrack symbols in the active line, on your first three cylinders, you can look forward to the special Railtrack function. On the place of the special symbols a railroad will appear and the last, the fourth and the fifth, cylinder will spin again. Your task is to complete the railroad so the knockers can get to the bonus game. In the case of succes you get four times the amount you bet and enter the attractive bonus game. In the case of one piece missing, you win three times the bet and the function comes to it’s end. If you lack both pieces, you will get the double and the game ends the same way it did in the previous case.

Bonus game

In this games there will be three dwarfs with their minecarts. Eeach of them tries to break the stone head as first. The winner will recieve great fortune, such as gems, golden coins and bonus coins. Under the prepared railroad there will appear three carts. Choose one of them. If you have luck, you will find great fortune in it and the opportunity to proceed a few steps forward, at most by three. The stone head is 5 steps awat. Reach it and reach the fame.

Detailed settings options

In Boom Brothers you can mend disrepancies using the settings to which the key icon leads. Change the settings of graphics, sound effects or additional sounds of underground complex environment. In any case, we wish you good luck and lots of joy while searching for the treasure.